Turn 1 minute of audio
Into 10 ready-to-publish posts


All you need to do is talk. Scripe will do the rest.

Scripe uses your input to generate LinkedIn posts that sound like you, achieve your goals, and are tailored to your audience. Creating engaging content for your personal brand has never been easier.


Throw in your thoughts and get content for weeks.

With Scripe, you can convert your thoughts into written content. You can use your existing content like podcasts, videos, and voice memos – or you can use any type of written text as input for your LinkedIn posts.

Voice memos, podcasts, videos.
Scripe transforms any form of audio content into written content and ready-to-publish LinkedIn posts. You can upload existing files or record spontaneous ideas within Scripe.
Written content, notes, blog posts.
Turn articles, notes or any type into engaging LinkedIn posts that reflect your tone of voice. Scripe analyzes the content of your input and unites it with your background, strategy and LinkedIn best practices.
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Real-time transcription

Scripe analyzes your voice in real-time and turns it into content.

Blazing fast and super accurate speech recognition.

Record from anywhere

Create LinkedIn posts on the go.

Use Scripe to create content for your LinkedIn posts while you are on the go. Record your thoughts and let Scripe generate your ready-to-publish content in a few minutes.


Finally solve your content creation
by simply saying what you think.

No writing skills required

Post creation in seconds

Personalized strategy