Startup Founder Julia Kruslin became LinkedIn Top Voice with Scripe

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny

Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, became LinkedIn Top Voice and keeps growing her personal brand with Scripe.

Julia Kruslin is co-founder and CEO of the fintech startup beatvest, TedX Speaker, and recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Her startup beatvest is a platform that offers both educational and financial tools, making it simple to understand investing and finance.

After a successful seed financing round in January 2023, Julia got her company to the stage when growth and scaling mattered just as much as building brand awareness and traction. After being active on LinkedIn for quite a while, Julia recognized the potential of building a personal brand early on. However, finding the time in her busy everyday working life was a challenge.

Challenges: Struggling with Finding Time to Post Consistently on LinkedIn

Julia treats LinkedIn and personal branding like an investment:

“Having a clear and solid profile seizes you new opportunities both for your business and your career – building a personal brand is like a long-term investment that pays off quite fast.”

With this motivation, Julia was determined to build her personal brand from the very beginning of her start-up in 2021. However, the associated implications quickly slowed her down and she failed to post on LinkedIn as she anticipated:

  • No consistent posting frequency
  • No clear personal branding strategy
  • Not enough time to write LinkedIn posts

Using Scripe: Finding the Right Personal Branding Strategy for LinkedIn

Once Julia started to use Scripe, she realized that she was missing a clear strategy behind her content. The built-in personalized content strategy setting from Scripe helped the founder to double down her personal brand strategy based on her goals and objectives.

Julia's individual content strategy from Scripe

In addition, the content strategy is linked to the topic suggestions and the Scripe's calendar. This has made it much easier for Julia to distribute goal-oriented posts for each week ahead of time, following a balanced content split.

Scripe's LinkedIn Content Strategy: Defining the Ideal Content Pillars for Julia's Posts

One key part of Julia’s LinkedIn strategy is the content split break-down. This means: Setting a goal-oriented distribution of the topics she shares on LinkedIn.

With Julia’s focus on growing her audience and building awareness for her startup beatvest, she aims to attract potential investors, partners, press, and media. To build that trust and credibility, it’s crucial that Julia shares updates on new features, fundraising rounds, or hiring news on LinkedIn (Business External*). Besides that, it’s key that she shares insights into beatvest, her team, and her experiences as a founder in her LinkedIn posts (Business Internal*).

Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, shares her framework that she uses for user interviews in a LinkedIn post.

Let’s take this example of Julia’s LinkedIn post about user interviews, and the framework that she uses. “This framework was essential for us to reach our next milestone on the product side”, said Julia – another milestone that she shared in a LinkedIn post, of course, announcing that users of beatvest can now invest through the app.

The LinkedIn posts about Julia’s journey as a startup founder show that she challenges the status quo of financial education, giving people access to new tools. This personal branding strategy positions Julia as a thought leader on LinkedIn and beyond.

Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, shares a LinkedIn post about a new product feature in the beatvest app.

The third content pillar for Julia’s personal branding goals is Educational*. Meaning, that she shares updates from her sector as a startup founder and educates her LinkedIn followers directly within the posts. For example, Julia shares short LinkedIn posts with short educational snippets from the beatvest LinkedIn newsletter.

Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, shares a post about their LinkedIn newsletter.

The fourth essential content pillar for Julia content that is related to more personal and work-life-related topics. For example, Julia’s approach to how to use Apple Notes to maximize productivity which she shared in a LinkedIn post.

Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, posts content about her productivity hacks on LinkedIn.

Results: Julia Kruslin is Recognized as LinkedIn Top Voice & Attracts New Opportunities for Her Startup with Scripe

“With Scripe, I can save at least 6 hours each week – this gives me almost a whole day of extra time in which I can focus on my startup. What I love about Scripe is how it translates my thoughts into top-notch LinkedIn posts, so it captures what I want to say in the best way that it reaches my target audience.”

And it pays off – after Julia was using Scripe for only a few weeks, she was recognized as LinkedIn Top Voice. The LinkedIn Top Voice recognition is more than just a badge on your profile.

“I recognized how being a LinkedIn Top Voice has led me to higher reach and new opportunities for my startup”, states Julia, “but what matters most to me is that I can provide high-quality knowledge about investing in an accessible manner”.

In numbers and recognitions, Julia hit the following metrics in the time she has been using Scripe:

  • Increased profile views
  • Doubled engagement
  • More invitations for speaking engagements
  • 3x impressions compared to the previous months
  • Saved 6 hours of creating LinkedIn content every week

Plus, beatvest was listed as Sifted Startups to Watch on the Wealthtech 2024 Report!

Outlook: How Julia Will Increase Her Personal Brand Growth with Scripe

Of course, there’s always more you could do. To grow Julia’s and beatvest’s reach beyond the European startup industry, posting consistently on LinkedIn will be key. Additionally, increasing the frequency and number of LinkedIn posts will help Julia to strengthen the positioning of her personal brand and grow the overall impressions which automatically leads to higher reach.

* Content Pillar Split based on Scripe’s Framework

Julia has been an active Scripe user since December 2023, following the Standard Plan.

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