Personal Branding Basics #2: When to Post On LinkedIn

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny

Personal Branding Basics – When to Post on LinkedIn

Welcome to Scripe’s Personal Branding Basics Series! 🚀

This series is all about mastering LinkedIn and growing your personal brand. The goal: Set the foundation to use the potential of your LinkedIn activity as a compounding factor of your business and career growth.

This series is structured into checklists, because we all love to tick boxes, right? Let’s jump right in and start with the essentials: The ideal timing and tips on when to post on LinkedIn. Follow these best practices to grow the reach of your LinkedIn posts and grow your engagement. 🙋‍♀️

Follow this LinkedIn timing best practices to grow the reach of your personal brand. Besides using this potential to grow your personal brand, having a consistent posting rhythm and engaging with your audience is key to growing your reach and elevating long-term LinkedIn performance.

When is the Right Time to Post on LinkedIn? Here’s Why the Right Timing Matters:

LinkedIn is a goldmine for professionals and gets more and more relevant both in the B2B and B2C context. The great thing is, that growing organically on LinkedIn is still relatively easy, and with over 1 billion users, posting on LinkedIn raises the chance that your target audiences will find you faster while building trust and deeper relationships.

There's one crucial element to make the most of it: timing your posts right. Think of it like planting a seed at just the right moment for it to bloom beautifully. We're here to crack open the secret of the 'best time to post on LinkedIn' to help you boost your visibility and connections. Yay ;)

Scripe’s Personal Branding Quick Tip – The LinkedIn Golden Hour Timing:

Here’s a quick tip in advance: Want the quick tip? Posting in the middle of the week, especially on Wednesday mornings between 9-11 AM, is your golden hour for catching eyes on LinkedIn.

What the Experts Say About When to Post

To nail the perfect posting time, we dove into the findings of some LinkedIn experts and current updates of LinkedIn’s algorithm news. Of course, it always depends on your location and time zone. When deciding about when to post on LinkedIn, think about the time zones where your main target audience is active.

Summaries of Best Practices on When to Post on LinkedIn:

  1. Tuesday and Wednesday between 8-10 AM is a hotspot for LinkedIn posts to increase reach
  2. In general, posts on midweek days get higher reach and engagement
  3. The second sweet spot timings on LinkedIn are afternoon peek times between 4pm-6pm
  4. Some sources suggest midday as a high-performing time, think about all your readers checking LinkedIn during their lunch breaks ;)

What’s the Takeaway of the Best Posting Times on LinkedIn:

Despite a few differences, there's a clear winner here: Wednesday mornings are prime time on LinkedIn. But remember, your audience is unique. It's all about tuning into their rhythm and timing your posts to match.

The Secrets Behind Picking the Perfect Time for Your LinkedIn Posts

Knowing when to share your brilliance on LinkedIn isn’t just about following trends. It’s about understanding the beat of the professional world and your audience's daily life.

When Do LinkedIn Users Love to Scroll?

Since LinkedIn is the place for professionals, it buzzes the most during the workweek, from morning coffee to closing time. The top days are Tuesday to Thursday, especially during those first sips of coffee, lunch breaks, and when wrapping up the day. Just think about when you like to scroll through your LinkedIn feed. 🙂

Leverage Posting Times on LinkedIn: Work Breaks Are Your New Best Friend

Those early morning coffee breaks and lunchtimes are golden opportunities to catch your audience scrolling through LinkedIn. These little pauses are your ideal time to post. Luckily, there’s a scheduling feature on LinkedIn so you can still enjoy your break as well – or use it for engaging with your posts, which is another key factor in increasing the reach of your posts.

LinkedIn Posts Around the World: Get The Right Timing for Your Timezone

LinkedIn is worldwide, so think about where your audience is and what their clock says. Aiming for their work hours, regardless of the timezone, can make a big difference.

Stay on the lookout for times when your industry is abuzz, like during big events or certain seasons. These moments can be perfect for capturing extra attention.

B2C vs. B2B: Get Your Post Timing on LinkedIn Right

LinkedIn Posting Times For Accounts in B2C:

Midweek posts in the morning or late afternoon catch professionals in the right mood. If you are active in the B2C sector, posting on LinkedIn during these times will increase your overall reach.

LinkedIn Posting Times For Accounts in B2B:

Especially in the B2B sectors, research shows that LinkedIn posts on midweek days reach higher engagement. In terms of timing, early mornings, as well as midday, are the sweet spots for LinkedIn posts targeting B2B audiences.

Secret Tip for Best LinkedIn Timing: Personalize Your Posting Peak Times

While these tips and benchmarks are a great starting point, the secret sauce is experimenting to see what works best for you. Every audience is different, and so is every industry. Play around with your posting times and keep an eye on what gets people talking.

How to Find Your Best Posting Time on LinkedIn with Scripe

Scripe users benefit from personalized timing suggestions within their analytics section. So if you are an active Scriper and installed the browser extension, you can test and experiment with different time slots.

Scripe Analytics capture your best posting times based on your performance

Start your LinkedIn Posting Time Experiment:

Week 1: Post 2-4 times between 8-10 am

Week 2: Post 2-4 times on 12 pm

Week 3: Post 2-4 times between 4.30-6 pm

After the three weeks, compare the overall engagement and reach numbers of your posts in each week. The week with the highest engagement indicates your ideal posting time on LinkedIn. 🥳

To wrap it up, while there's wisdom in the crowd's favorites, your perfect posting time on LinkedIn is unique to you and your audience. Use these insights as a guide, but don't be afraid to mix things up. Besides using the potential of ideal posting times to grow your personal brand, having a consistent posting rhythm is key to growing your reach and elevating long-term LinkedIn performance.

Master Consistency on LinkedIn and try Scripe for free!

To (finally!) master consistency and posting regularly on LinkedIn, learn more about Scripe here. Scripe supports you in finding the right strategy to grow your personal brand and generates LinkedIn posts in less than a minute with our advanced voice-to-content feature. The best part, Scripe combines all personal branding tools in one: Store all your notes, never run out of ideas or content, and optimize your posts based on your performance.

Want to learn more about how to grow the reach of your personal brand on LinkedIn? Check out the rest of our Personal Branding Basics Series here.

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