LinkedIn Trends 2024: 10 Must-Know Tips to Grow Your Personal Brand this Year

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny

LinkedIn Trends Guide 2024 – 10 must-know tips to grow your personal brend this year

What’s up Scripers! Let’s jump right into the Trends for LinkedIn 2024, making sure your personal branding strategy is aligned.

Our goal is to simplify the path to LinkedIn success for you. And because we know you are all busy, here’s a summary if you’d like to jump to specific LinkedIn Trends right away:

1. Focus on Mobile First:

The trend to mobile-first demands optimizing content for smartphone users, with 65% of LinkedIn interactions now mobile-based.

2. Stick to Content Variety:

Diversifying content types, including texts, images, carousels, polls, and videos, is crucial for engagement and visibility in 2024.

3. Strategic Posting Frequency for Maximum Impact:

Posting 2 to 4 times a week at optimal times ensures consistent engagement without overwhelming your audience.

4. Use the Power of Comments:

Strategic commenting significantly enhances profile visibility, engagement, and authority on LinkedIn.

5. The Status Quo for LinkedIn Hashtags:

Hashtags remain vital for discoverability, but their strategic use is evolving alongside LinkedIn's algorithm changes.

6. Benefit from Active LinkedIn Engagement:

Engaging with your posts and audience at key times after posting amplifies content reach and impact.

7. Navigate External Links:

LinkedIn favors content that keeps users on the platform, affecting posts with external links differently based on profile type.

8. Optimal Posting Times:

Midweek posts and early mornings or late afternoons are the LinkedIn timing sweet spots in 2024.

9. Leverage Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn:

Empowering employees as brand ambassadors extends reach and authenticity, and is key for every brand's presence.

10. The Rise of LinkedIn Live:

LinkedIn Live is essential for real-time engagement, showing a growing preference for immediate, interactive communication channels.

Let’s call this quickie LinkedIn trends deep-dive done and jump right into the juicy things!

1. LinkedIn’s Mobile-First Approach Gets More Importance

Did you know that 65 % of LinkedIn activities happen on mobile devices in 2024? As browsing and posting shift towards smartphones, making your content mobile-friendly isn't just nice to have it's essential. Mobile users prefer quick, engaging interactions, with most content creation and browsing happening on the go.

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2. Stick to Content Variety on LinkedIn

LinkedIn's scene is all about variety – texts, images, carousels, polls, and videos. Each type offers unique advantages, making it crucial to mix and match to keep your audience engaged.

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3. Strategic Posting Frequency for Maximum Impact

Finding the right rhythm for your posts – ideally 2 to 4 times a week – is key to keeping your audience engaged without overwhelming them. Space out your posts and tailor your schedule based on performance for the best results.

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4. The Power of LinkedIn Comments

Commenting is the top LinkedIn engagement tool in 2024, boosting visibility and authority. A strategic approach to commenting can significantly increase your profile's impact.

In numbers, engaging and commenting on 10-15 posts daily for a month can:

(Source: Algorithm Insights 2024)

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5. The Status Quo of LinkedIn Hashtags

Hashtags are changing. Accoridng to the Algorithm Insights Report 2024, hashtags they remain important for discoverability, and the strategy around their use is evolving, reflecting LinkedIn's algorithm updates.

It used to be that 3-5 hashtags were the sweet spot to drive the reach of your post. This is still true – however, recent observations showed that you can also increase the number of hashtags and it won’t deprioritize your post. We suggest to not use more hashtags than 10 per post. It also won’t affect your post if you place all hashtags at the end of the post – you do not have to include them within the text.

The key is to use strategically related hashtags that reflect your industry, focus, or niche. This will increase the visibility of your post within those topics.

💡 Scripe Tip: It's especially important to choose the first two hashtags that you use in your LinkedIn posts wisely – they will be added to your post link and are relevant for SEO.

On a side note: If someone places hashtags in your comments, it won’t affect your post.

6. How to Boost LinkedIn Engagement

Active engagement is crucial for visibility on LinkedIn. Try to keep the engagement of your posts and content high by being active on other’s accounts as well.

Here, it’s key to understand the lifecycle of your LinkedIn posts which is split into 3 engagement phases, each playing an essential role in your visibility:

1. 60 minutes after posting: This is when engagement can make the most impact on the short-term performance.

2. 6 hours after posting: Continued engagement during this time can help the post (and your comment) reach even further.

3. 24 hours after posting: At this time engagement still matters. It can help extend the post's visibility, reaching new networks and potential connections.

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LinkedIn prefers keeping interactions within its platform, impacting the reach of posts with external links. Adapt your strategy to maintain visibility while incorporating valuable external content creatively.

Including external links in your LinkedIn posts can therefore notably affect their visibility, as LinkedIn favors content that keeps users engaged within its own environment.

This pattern, shaped by both user habits and LinkedIn's algorithm, often results in posts containing outside links being less prominently featured, to bolster engagement directly on the platform.

There's a marked contrast in the impact of external links on the reach of personal profiles compared to company pages:

- For personal LinkedIn profiles, including external links can lead to a 40-50% decrease in reach.

- Company pages, on the other hand, might see a lesser impact, with a 25-35% reduction in reach.

💡 Scripe Tip: So how to avoid the deprioritization of your posts if you still want to motivate your audience to check out a specific article or link? Our recommendation is to either:

- mention the link in the comment section,

- create a standalone post that summarizes the main takeaways of the article / link.

8. Optimal Posting Times

Mid-week posts dominate, but weekends see a 50% boost in reach and engagement, presenting a strategic opportunity for visibility.

Summaries of Best Timing Practices – When to Post on LinkedIn:

  1. Tuesday and Wednesday between 8-10 AM is a hotspot for LinkedIn posts to increase reach
  2. In general, posts on midweek days get higher reach and engagement
  3. The second sweet spot timing on LinkedIn is afternoon peek times between 4pm-6pm
  4. Some sources suggest midday as high-performing time, think about all your readers checking LinkedIn during their lunch breaks ;)

💡 Scripe Tip: To find your ideal posting time, use Scripe's analytics view to indicate your best times to post. Find our full article on ideal posting times on LinkedIn here.

9. Leverage Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn:

Uniting voices is definitely one of the key trends that we see on LinkedIn in 2024 – meaning, encouraging your employees to share their stories on LinkedIn while empowering them to grow their personal brands. Your employees are the best brand ambassadors to extend your reach and authenticity.

Besides the fact that using the power of united voices of LinkedIn is more fun and creates more trust towards potential partners, a corporate influencing or employer branding strategy can help to:

- broaden your company reach,

- significantly boost engagement,

- go beyond the limits of company pages,

- attract top-tier talent and partners

10. The Rise of LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is transforming engagement, allowing for real-time connection with your audience, indicating a preference for immediate, interactive communication channels.

Trying LinkedIn Live can definitely help to grow your overall reach and presence. Here are some key numbers and insights that LinkedIn Live :

User Growth:

Personal profiles hosting LinkedIn Lives regularly since the start of the format in 2022 have seen a follower growth of +50%.


The engagement of LinkedIn lives is 10-12 times higher than from standard videos. On average, LinkedIn Lives gets engagement rates of 5-8% – which is double to 5 times the engagement of a normal post.

Optimal session duration:

The ideal timing is about 20-30 minutes, notably best in interview formats.

Phu, that was a lot – but those LinkedIn Trends show that there are several exciting strategies to boost your personal brand in 2024 – and to grow your reach over time. What is your favorite LinkedIn trend or strategy that you would like to try right away? Let’s create a LinkedIn post about it!

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