Community Highlight #1: Meet the Professionals who are Boosting their Personal Brands with Scripe

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny

Community Highlight #1: Meet the Pros Boosting their Personal Brands with Scripe

Welcome to our Community Highlight series, where we shine a spotlight on the incredible creators & professionals who are boosting their personal brands with Scripe!

Our community members have been actively engaging on LinkedIn, sharing their Scripe success stories and showing us all the magic of streamlined content creation.

Get ready to meet three amazing individuals who are taking their LinkedIn game to the next level with Scripe!

1. Marina Ziblis

I'm tired of so many posts here sounding like ChatGPT. 😑

Meet Marina Ziblis, a Change Manager at PwC and a LinkedIn Top Voice, recognized for her expertise in motivating and retaining employees.

As a keynote speaker and Favikon Top 100 Creator in the DACH region, she combines her deep insights with a passion for creating healthy workplace cultures.

In her featured post, Marina highlights her frustration with AI-generated content and introduces Scripe as an innovative app that transforms voice recordings into personalized LinkedIn posts.

She loves how Scripe:

  1. Saves time
  2. Helps with the right personal brand strategy
  3. Continuously helps to recommend the right topics
  4. Takes over the writing work if necessary

Marina Ziblis - Featured LinkedIn Post

Curious about her unique insights on leadership? Follow Marina and join the conversation on creating better workplaces!

2. Franziska Schmitt

Most grateful for Scripe, the tool that has completely changed the LinkedIn game for me!

Franziska Schmitt is the Program Director at Humanize, a PhD Candidate at FU Berlin, and a researcher focusing on digital women's entrepreneurship.

She seamlessly blends research, creativity, and mindfulness to promote inclusive business practices and aims to inspire conscious and sustainable business practices, fostering inclusivity and purpose.

In one of her latest posts, Franziska gives a shout-out to Scripe for revolutionizing her LinkedIn storytelling, making it simpler and more empowering. Scripe helps her share engaging and authentic stories effortlessly, ensuring that her posts reach their target audience effectively.

Franziska Schmitt - Featured LinkedIn Post

Want to dive deeper into mindfulness and digital innovation? Follow Franziska for thoughtful content that inspires and connects!

3. Lisa Heiss

It used to take me hours to write, while now my time effort has turned into a 15min post prep. with Scripe 😊

Meet Lisa Heiss, the brilliant UX Designer and Product Mentor at 500Latam, currently leading UX design at Chargylize.

Lisa's mission? To create user-friendly designs that captivate!

In one of her recent posts, Lisa recounts her love-hate relationship with LinkedIn and how Scripe turned it around. Thanks to Scripe, Lisa now crafts engaging posts in no time, sharing her authentic experiences and UX wisdom.

Lisa Heiss - Featured LinkedIn Post

Ready for design tips with a dash of fun? Follow Lisa to see how she can turn your ideas into captivating designs.

The Scripe Community

From saving time to sharing more authentic stories, these professionals are setting new standards in personal branding and revolutionizing their LinkedIn presence with Scripe!

Scripe not only helps them reach the right target audience but also maximizes the potential of their expertise.

Their experiences show just how transformative Scripe can be, making it easier to connect with your audience and build a meaningful presence.

A huge shoutout to our fabulous community members for their continuous support and inspiring contributions. It's your passion and creativity that make our Scripe community so vibrant and dynamic!


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