Laura Raggl: Tripled LinkedIn Engagement & Closes 2x More High-Qualified Deals

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny

Laura Raggl

Laura Raggl is Managing Partner at ROI Ventures, an Austrian-based VC focusing on pre-seed and seed investments into B2B startups. As an investment company founded in 2023, the positioning on LinkedIn is key for ROI Ventures to increase the chance for high-qualified leads and deals as well as increase its reach beyond Austria. Therefore, Laura has invested more heavily in growing her personal brand on LinkedIn over the last past 8 months. However, busy working days and a lack of writing skills kept her away from hitting her goals.

Laura’s Personal Branding Challenges

Laura’s goals were set right from the start before she started to post more regularly on LinkedIn: Generate more high-qualified deals and leads. Laura was struggling with finding enough time to keep up with her posts and follow a consistent strategy. She tried to keep up a posting frequency of 2 times per week. Still, she was confronted with three main challenges:

  • Not enough time
  • Struggled with writing
  • The strategy was not clear

Lauras individual content strategy from Scripe

Laura’s First Steps with Scripe: Finding Her Ideal Personal Branding Strategy

Once Laura started to work with Scripe, the Onboarding part helped her with her ideal Personal Branding strategy. After 5 minutes of onboarding, she had her personalized content strategy ready. It includes her top goals, action steps the ideal content split to reach those goals, growing her personal brand on LinkedIn.

One key part of re-aligning Laura’s LinkedIn strategy was redefining her content pillar split. This means setting a goal-oriented distribution of the topics she writes about.

With Laura’s focus on generating high-qualified leads, and deals and attracting investors, sharing updates from her company ROI Ventures is key. However, it’s not only about the shiny updates of new investments and milestones (Business External*), it’s especially about sharing value and knowledge, frameworks, or guides (Educational*).

For example, Laura shared a template that her team uses to track their deal-flow. Thanks to Scripe content question feature, Laura was inspired to write a post about the frameworks she uses regularly in her workday. This is how she came up with the idea to share a template.


The third most important content pillar for Laura’s goals is Personal*. These posts increase her credibility and approachability. For example, Laura shared her experience of going offline for one week when she was on vacation. Of course, sharing value and educational content is relevant for all posts.


Laura’s Impressive Personal Branding Results With Scripe

“I’ve never generated my LinkedIn posts so effectively - plus, Scripe is such a fun tool to use! I love the post suggestions and that it captures my tone of voice!”

That was the reaction in our first feedback call with Laura and the metrics started to indicate positive progress after only two weeks, when the numbers of her reach and engagement just doubled.

In numbers and recognitions, we hit the following metrics after 4 months:

  • Saving 6 hours per week
  • 2 x higher reach
  • 3 x higher engagement
  • Doubled the number of high-qualified leads & deals
  • Twice as many requests for speaking engagements
  • One publication and coverage of her LinkedIn post in a newspaper (the one about being a week offline on vacation 😉)

Outlook: How Laura Will Increase Her Personal Brand Growth

Of course, there’s always more you could do. To grow ROI Ventures’ and Laura’s reach beyond the Austrian & DACH startup industry, consistency will be key. Additionally, increasing the number of posts will help to grow the overall impressions which automatically leads to higher reach. For the overall positioning strategy, the reach will be massively increased once more team members start to use Scripe.

* Content Pillar Split based on Scripe’s Framework

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